The Halloween Scene

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It’s that time of year again – leaves falling, temperatures dipping and little goblins planning their trick or treating. Ahhh Halloween. I look forward to this day. A good excuse to wear orange. An acceptable reason to have extra treats in the house for a little while. A perfect time to connect with the goblins in the neighbourhood and do a little gobbling yourself. What’s not to love?

It’s fun to have a spirited day to dress up funny and shell out. Anyone who knows me well enough, understands it doesn’t have to be Halloween to do that…

I have a special door bell setting that has many different chimes, one featuring Halloween. You can hear a witch screach “AaaaaaAaaaa” (no that’s not me, it’s the other one…), a horn honk “beep beep”, a door slam “thump”, a ghost bellow “wooooOOooooOO”, a gong chime….. How fun! What I love the most is that every kid who comes to my door says “thank you” especially the ones who sneak back twice…. I know I’m turning into an ole fogey, but I do appreciate good manners even when they trample my flower bed and knock over my pumpkin… Where’s that witch scream when you need it?

Once the shelling out is done it’s time for parents to divide and conquer, sorting through the treats before the noshing begins with safety in mind. Make a few rules around these and enjoy ‘em for a short while then put a lid on it. Then shell them out on garbage day. Halloween only comes once a year. This candy crush certainly challenges our relationship with food, doesn’t it? As I’ve said many times all foods fit and work some in, in moderation. Have the whole family up the ante on activity. With the last of the leaves falling, extra yard work is certainly in order, don’t you think?

I usually wait until a few days before the big day to pick up my treats. You name it, I get it – chips, Cheetos, chocolate bars, candy, the full court press of goodies. It’s Halloween folks, kids don’t want “healthy treats” and neither do I as I sit at the door when the tykes drop by. Why be a Debbie Downer? Save the bridge games and magic tricks for the old folks home! This is one of those occasions to take part in and have fun – eat, nibble, nosh and be merry. When the sugar rush wears off, it’ll be time for school and work the morning after. Follow that rule sung by Barry White in my “Sugar Blues” post on October 7th. Enjoy!

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