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November 1st, 2013 No Comments Tags: , , , , ,

I found myself on another bizzz trip recently, this time presenting to a group of business folks on social media. As per my usual travel routine there was no wake up call needed as I saw 2:00 then 3:00 then 4:00 then 5:00, then I gave in and decided to get up!

I downed my thyroid pill to get my engine started then staggered to the preset coffee machine for more fuel to help me putter into second gear, then to my Mary Poppins bag containing fruit, breakfast bars and almonds for something to nosh on. I eventually kicked into 3rd gear so I headed down to the gym before 6:00.

I remembered my glasses this time so hopped on one of the many elliptical machines, hit the cross train button and off I went on hills and dales in a steady rhythm. There were fit nicks already there in the gym who must have opened up the joint all sweaty and warn, just like you’re supposed to get. Hmmm I was looking a bit warn though cause I just rolled out of bed and barely slept, ug….

At a distance I spied a wee waif of a gal who was stretching and lunging, then sporting some swan moves with perfect poise and balance – arms out gracefully, one leg back in the air and holding her position, steady on the other leg. Oy! I thought I couldn’t do that on 2 legs without a wobble this time of the morning. I peeked sideways in admiration as she balanced on one of those big balls next. The last time I tried a manoeuvre on one of those I nearly cow piled my head into a corner of a coffee table at my sister’s place, hmmmm. Well I guess we all have gifts and being a balancing Walenda I am NOT!

I rounded out my routine and slowed down after passing the 3 mile mark in order to save me some energy for the dynamic day ahead. It’s great to spy role models to help keep you in the game, you know someone to emulate. For my own personal safety reasons I won’t be doing “the swan move” any time soon unless I had 3 muscle bound spotters nearby, but it warmed my heart that we’re all in the fit game together, no matter what moves we choose – the fact is we all won on this fine morning.

Time to head down and get moving to register for the forum, ta ta….

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