There’s More to Activity than Simply Burning Calories

October 18th, 2013 No Comments Tags: , , ,

I found myself travelling on bizzz again. As per my usual routine, I visited the gym before 6am before the sun came up. Being an early bird in the gym has its advantages; this day my elliptical machine was free. I eventually got in a rhythm pressing buttons on the screen without wearing my glasses hoping to get a program that’d suit my weary mode. Something connected and I was off.

My mind wandered as I pondered my series of meetings ahead as I hit my stride. The panel in front of me flashed all sorts of numbers from step rate, heart rate, resistance and calories burned. It looked like a slot machine with an array of lights blinking, without the payout…. well maybe. It got me thinking, hmmmmm.

On September 6 I posted “Count Nutrients NOT Calories” which was a story suggesting we focus more on food’s abundance of nutrients and not simply the calories. While I was on that elliptical I thought how that same theme can be applied to activity – that there’s so much more to activity than simply burning calories. Think about it.

There are so many benefits from being active from strengthening muscles, to alleviating stress, to lifting your spirits and more and I haven’t even factored in calorie usage yet.

This day ahead of me was about to be a doozie. Yet for me starting in the gym was a perfect way to find my centre before the sun arose – yes, a perfect payoff indeed.

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