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I was undertaking my weekly grocery shopping recently when I overheard a conversation between a mom and her son. They were in one of the long beverage aisles oozing with a plethora of juices mostly, so I slowed down to check some best before dates to listen in, wink wink! Okay so call me a nosey parker but this was perfect fodder for T & T, right?

It would seem that sonny boy picked out the iced tea from the sea of juice choices and was giving his mom the squeeze, or so he thought. So instead of declaring a flat out “NO” this Ninja mom used the food label to help them decide whether it was going to make the grade and into the cart and down their gullets. The exchange was brief. There was no gnashing of teeth, long faces or arguments. This was an open and shut case and voted on unanimously. Bravo!

To me this was like listening to angels singing as they reviewed the ingredient list then the nutrition facts table together keeping the discussion objective and above board. I wish I had a medal in my purse to whip out and bestow upon this wise fire cracker mama – ta da! “Way to go mother of the year!” This brief exchange got me thinking about how the grocery store is such a perfect place for everyone to learn just a little more about the food they choose week after week.

To me, the grocery store is where the rubber meets the road where your food and nutrition goals get met or dashed. Don’t you think? It’s a perfect place to start “moving your cheese” to try something new, cheese included! It’s a practical classroom for kids and adults to learn about food, food groups, counting, choosing and enriching their bodies and minds. Kids take these experiences through life and use all they gained in their favour when they’re launched into the big world out there.

So on this fine day this mom enabled her son to make a decision about a drink choice using the food label, equipping him to make more decisions about food. So what was your cart full of this week? Was it full of fresh produce and all of the food groups to fuel up breakfasts, lunches, dinner and snacks? Or did you make a U turn down the junk aisle and brought home pillow sacks of deep fried, salty nothingness? You know that whatever you bring home it will get eaten and not only by alleged company dropping in. Balance it out. Make a list. And set you and your family up all week to thrive this harvest season.

When in doubt, become enabled with the food label! Now if only we could find out what’s in the food at those fast food outlets…… hmmmmmm.

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