Say “Oui” to We Day!

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It was “We Day” this past Friday in Toronto. Go ahead and google “We Day” and find out when your city will honour it. I mulled over this notion during some down time as I thought more deeply about it, hmmmmm.

I love how the letter “W” is really an upside-down “M”, you know from “me to we”. Sometimes it seems that our world has turned into an egocentric wasteland of sorts. We can delve into the depths of social media Facebooking, blogging, pinning, Instagramming and tweeting about me me me me me me. We can shut the world off closing our ears with plugs or wearing those big honking headphones I see people sporting in public these days. If that isn’t a message to say “don’t bother me and keep away”, what is?

When I think about life more deeply my most cherished memories and experiences are those shared with people – those that make “we” possible. And it isn’t only about the fun stuff you do with other people that bring the deepest meaning, it’s getting through those rough spots of the wormhole emerging through the other end that strengthens relationships, your life and our world.

Even though “We Day” has passed here in my town doesn’t mean we don’t have to be more mindful every day about what you can do for someone else. It doesn’t need to be a mammoth deed either. Sometimes small gestures make someone’s day such as giving a “good morning” smile or nod to your bus driver; holding the door for a parent with a stroller; giving a seat to an older person on the subway; helping out a neighbour. No one deed is even worthy of a Facebook post.

So turn that “M” upside down to a “W” and say “oui” to “We Day”! Think about it: life is richer when it isn’t all about you.

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