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I was lucky to be asked to attend a special almond tour and seminar series in Lodi California, hosted by the California Almond board. There are 30 nutrition and fitness minded invitees in all. I have to say when I travel on bizzzz I visit the gym to get my blood circulating, muscles working and such and I am usually the lone ranger.

Being on eastern time, my biological clock got me up early, hardly virtuous. I decided to make it to the gym ahead of the fitness masters in my group. I hopped on an elliptical machine, like my old tortoise self and got moving into a slow rhythm. As per my usual attire I dawned my orange board shorts and a prosthetics and orthotics fundraiser t-shirt wearing my garden variety footwear. Hardly a picture of fitness as the regular Jo/Jill on the scene. Within minutes those fab fitness fiends rolled in with a wave of chatter, energy, certainly dressing the part. No machine outmuscled this bunch, moving, pumping, stretching, lifting, lunging, running….

How inspiring it was to be amongst these master blasters, feeling like a fitness faker of sorts. It’s important though to find your own fitness groove and just get moving – walk, saunter, dance, jog, garden, mow, sweep, skip, shimmy or mosey. Get moving every single day whenever you can. Hey why not find a role model or two to help motivate you.

On this fine day I found my inspiration and got in the groove to learn about the bountiful benefits of the altruistic almond. My mind, body and spirit is ready to breath it all in. Thanks fitness fiends for helping to motivate me!

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