A Batch from Scratch

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Gotta love this time of year. My inner hibernating bear kicks into high gear instinctually. My cupboards are now fully stocked after my most recent grocery shop having ingredients on hand and ready to prepare anything from chilli con carne, pasta fagiole or a pot of soup the minute the temperature takes a nosedive.

On this fine day I had the urge to make a double batch of my famous eggplant sauce, found in my “Food Revolution Recipes”. I felt like a good witch making a fine brew in my cauldron as the cooler breeze blew threw my kitchen window and screen door. That familiar heavenly aroma filled up my senses, if John Denver was around he’d surely be singing about it….

What I love about making a big batch of anything is that I have more meals that keep on giving with only one mess to clean up. Why not use your freezer for more than making ice, after all!?

I made a simple flexitarian dinner, no meat on this evening. This rich tasting sauce was poured over al dente rigatoni (or as my Papa used to say “rigadoons”) sprinkled with freshly grated parmesan cheese. MmmMmm these will stick to the ribs of even the most famished cave man! I added some goat’s cheese to my famous green salad that was also adorned with pomegranate rubies, delectable dried cherries, yummy blueberries, crunchy cucumber with crunchy toasted slivered almonds. No one left that fine dinner with a rumbly tummy or a long face, that’s for sure.

There certainly is a feeling of pride and accomplishment stirring up this kind of monkey business in your kitchen. This batch from scratch will help me out of a bind when I’m stuck for time down the road too. This weekend I’ll be stewing up tomatoes with my bella familia. More stories to come!

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