Add a Dash of “Creation” to ReCREATION

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I read an article in the newspaper on why our local parks aren’t being used as much as intended and what the city can do about it. Hmmmm, I wondered. They thought perhaps we need to add elements to the areas to add interest and entice usage. At which point I put the paper down and scratched my head in wonder….. good grief!

I gave this more thought and reminisced about back in the day, that your park is what you make of it. Just add a ball, for example. You can kick it, hit it, bounce it, double dribble it, throw it, run with it and more. The skies the limit really, don’t you think?? What’d be really great is if parents limited their kids screen time and sent the kids outdoors to play and just be kids. Trust me, they will figure it out and you might just need to fight with them to get them back in the house.

The best part about free play is the “creation” part. From a young age, kids these days get accustomed to new-fangled, high-tech games where you use more of your thumb power than your brain power. Try giving kids a clean slate in an open park and allow them to just have fun with it. That’ll put the CREATION back in ReCREATION in no time!!

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