Ripples of Change

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Some people think the weight loss game is a mammoth task. The way some experts approach it certainly does make it seem insurmountable and not worth the effort. I say take the pressure off and use a different approach. What’s the rush?

If your old approach resulted in weight loss and gain and loss and gain and…. well you get the idea, perhaps it’s time to throw all of those strategies out the window – bye bye….

Isn’t it better to lose 1 measly pound FOREVER once after mastering a new behaviour rather than taking on an artillery of changes to your repertoire all at once? The former seems so meagre, although I gotta love the “forever” disclaimer. The latter scenario often does result in weight loss but in time you get cranky, hungry, feel deprived and need to “say uncle” and give in because it’s too unrealistic to sustain all of those changes all at once. Don’t you think?

Yes my soul sister, I’ve been there. Having maintained my weight for over 25 years now I realize that small ripples of change – one by one or a few easy tweaks at a time is certainly the way to go.

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