Count Nutrients, NOT Calories

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I was fixing my lunch the other day while I was thinking about counting, hmmm. Counting what you ask? Nutrients and blessings! I took home a doggie bag from a lovely dinner out a few days prior. I decided to enjoy it at lunch with some of those lunch salads I love – this time one made with cauliflower, another with chick pea with kidney bean and another with crunchy asparagus. As per my usual practice I had yoghurt, this time that delectably smooth lime flavoured Greek kind plus an individual cottage cheese serving. Ahhh the angels were singing…..

Talk about a powerhouse of flavours, a crunch that satisfies all with natural nutrient richness making me feel satisfied like a queen ready to take on the world – KAPOW! Many moons ago I used to count calories. In fact I could rhyme them off in a heartbeat. But I’m wiser now and much prefer to count a plethora of nutrients while covering all of the food groups instead of my calories.

Try this: pick up a few packages of drinks for instance and compare the nutrients in each using the Nutrition Facts panel. Let’s use milk as an example comparing volume per volume with soda pop or juice. You’ll find in this example that the nutrient profile of milk wins on all fronts. It fills up so many nutrient gaps it’s astounding.

It’s interesting to note that I rarely have food cravings for junk when my diet is so complete. I am not however, a purist eliminating my favourite food treats. I divulged in a January blog post “Life with Pie” my flaky love affair to indulge in this devilish dessert occasionally. A little sin here and there won’t kill me. What I do know for sure, is that if a food is black listed, I’d pine for it day and night….

So if you keep your abacus close by only counting calories instead of your variety of nutrients from naturally nutrient rich foods, you’re really shooting yourself in the foot where your overall nutritional status is concerned. Give your head a shake and start counting the variety of nutrients you choose. While you’re at it count your blessings too. You body, mind and spirit will surely be filled up to be the absolute best you can be. You can count on that, for sure!

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