Goal Setting Time….

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What is it about this time of year that I love so much? Is it the first sighting of a changed leaf? Is it the disappearance of my basil nibbled by my resident bunny? Is it that newfound fresh morning breeze? Or is it realizing that those not-so-baby-birds are becoming more independent these days? Hmmmm.

We’re approaching that age-old back to school time. That time of year to turn a new page, make a new goal, start something a-new and for me it’s time to make a new goal or two and turn over a new leaf. Any day is a good day to make a new goal to better yourself. But for me this time of year is New Year’s resolution time come early. I like to focus on my mat routine – you know that 16 minute investment, every second day into my hourglass.

Over the past few years I’ve made some significant changes when revisiting all of the exercise and activity I do to stay in shape. When the barrage of articles on the sitting epidemic struck I shook up my walking routine to twice a day whenever possible. A few years back I read about the benefits of doing squats and lunges that make a world of difference to my core among other things…. And last year I worked in a new leg strengthening segment of my floor routine to my repertoire that has helped the toning continue.

No, I don’t change my routine with the wind. But I do reevaluate it spring and fall to see how I can better tighten the screws before aging puts the screws to me. So how’s your routine been lately? Are there any changes in sight? I’m considering upping my dumbbell weights slightly – Alexia-the-weighlifter I ain’t, but ye old spaghetti arms need a challenge!

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