The Good Ole Summertime

July 26th, 2013 No Comments Tags: , , , , ,

I took a stroll by Lake Okanagan before dinner while in Kelowna BC a while back. I passed a number of parks smack dab beside the lake and marvelled at the flurry of activity by the masses. There was beach volley ball, a twosome playing badminton, kids making sand castles, bikes riding by, some rowing a canoe or kayak while others balancing on boards, then there was swimming, water skiing, kite-sailing and more. The sight made my heart sing la la la la la la….

I’ve been by that lake to witness a group of super fit gals doing a yoga class on boards in the water in unison. What a sight of poise and balance I can only dream of doing on my recreation room floor?! A very beautiful thing.

I love being in the thick of summer witnessing people of all ages playing outside with the boob tube off, tech toys stowed and having fun. If you’ve been tied to your desk let me ask you: what are you waiting for? I can almost see August from here so there’s plenty of time to turn the beat around your activity routine and take it up a notch.

There are many benefits of getting and being regularly active physically, mentally, socially and more. For me, taking a walk with Mother Nature allows me time to process problems that weigh on my mind or infuses creativity into a concept I’m noodling over. If you haven’t been active it’s certainly time to join in. Enjoy the weekend!

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