Filling Up on Nothingness is a Dead End

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I read that diet soda pop may not be as benign as originally thought for diet minded folks who still love that sweet taste. I thought it deserved some airtime on T & T. It was postulated that being biological beings when sweet or savoury food is consumed (and believe it or not, pop is considered a food) that our body expects a load of nutrients with it (and yes sugar is considered a macro nutrient) and if not received may find it by hook or by crook. I’d like to review the evidence myself in greater detail before I buy into this idea….

I have given this notion of consumption of emptiness a lot of thought in my life as I used guzzle down diet pop some years back as a treat pacifier of sorts that I discuss in my e-book Skinny On Slim. I’m from the school of thought that a calorie is a calorie and given diet pop has zero, then it’s not an issue on the energy front. Back then; however, I pondered more deeply about this colourful drink I was pouring down my gullet, whether fluorescent orange, zesty lime green or dirty bubbly brown that was indeed calorie free. I thought my masterful biological machine is processing all of this unnatural stuff day in and day out. Thinking back to taking biology and physiology in university I wondered “was this what my body originally signed up for?”

Wisdom ensued and eventually I weaned off this old habit then changed to drinking water or mineral water instead, mostly. Over the years I have established a more intimate relationship with my food, yearning for the real stuff. After all brown bubbly fluid chocked full of sweetener and caffeine, concocted by a chemist to tailor a bliss point just right to tantalize your tastebuds made in a great big vat in a factory isn’t food. In my mind it’s far from it.

I also used to be so narrow minded being so earnest to limit calories with less attention to food’s vast array of natural nutrient richness. These days if I want a sweet drink other than my usual water, I’ll drink it. If I want an ice cream I’ll choose the real stuff. If I want a cookie give me the one I want, not a bad imitation. I have it and then I’m done with it, period!

It’s been over 25 years since my journey to Slim Town and my weight has been maintained through the hills and dales of life. I guess it’s working for me. Get all of the juicy details in Skinny on Slim in the summer free promo. Spread the word, won’t you?! Also available on i-Books, Kobo/Chapters, Barnes & Noble, Diesel and Sony.

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