Take it down a Notch

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Life seems to be so fast-paced and competitive these days as we strive to go faster, harder, stronger, better, further. Well this time of year I say “whoo horsey”. After the Armageddon storm in Hog Town of late it’s time to take stock, gain perspective and take the time to take it down a notch, for a change. Don’t you think?

Sometimes we need a power out situation with a kayak floating down our street to disconnect us from the pace and race of life. I think it’s Mother Nature giving us a big bonk on the head as pressure and stress mount with the temperatures and humidity. Hello McFly!

Some experts say that a little bit of stress is a good thing. It keeps up sharp and on our toes. For some who accumulate too many balls in the air, however, too much pressure to the proverbial crock pot of life will eventually be ready blow in time. Too much stress can tax your heart and health, your overall work effectiveness, even put a strain on your relationships. A few days with the power out and the boob tube off allows time to decompress, think about life and our priorities.

I took a walk with Mother Nature the other day and tuned in to real tweets of various species of birds while off of Twitter, spent some FaceTime with wild flowers off of Facebook and envisioned life’s “Bear Market” through the shapes of the billowing cumulonimbus marshmallow clouds, no Instagram needed.

If life’s pressures are mounting I hope the power out snapped your priorities back in perspective. Make time to take it down a notch now and then to keep your karma cosmic and directed at true north.

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