Another Eighty Something….

August 9th, 2013 No Comments Tags: , , , , ,

The pace of life, that ebb and flow
Makes you stop and wonder: where does time go?

A special milestone marks August 12th day
As that’s my Dad’s 80th birthday day!

A silent soldier, head of our clan
Tough love, soft heart, a TRUE Renaissance man

Clear division of labour with he and my Mom
Impossible to split the two, undivided as one

Had a busy career with competing priorities
He always made time for our family

Meals together we had where we’d break bread
Were a daily staple, that’s the way he led

Oozing with wisdom and common sense
Never keeping up with “The Jones”, but leading instead

The grass was always greener on our side of the street
And a Dad like than can NEVER be beat!

The whole family’s life is richer with Dad at the helm
His unwavering love, generosity fills our realm

Being the 4th daughter in five years almost breaking the bank
Much to laugh at as well, as I was supposed to be “Frank”

Lucky to witness what’s important and his special ways
That we celebrate his special 80th birthday day!

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