A Winning State of Mind

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I watched the men’s Wimbledon final match with Murray and Jokovic. What stuck with me most from one of Andy’s comments from one of his interviews was his admission that his team of coaches helped him learn how to win from his past losses, hmmmmmm.

As I began doing my mat routine following the match – that 16 minute investment into my hourglass every second day – I thought more deeply about those words. In order to win you need to develop a winning state of mind, a positive “can do” attitude, ways to motivate yourself, find ways to stay in the game, any game in life, that is.

Certainly the same holds true when you embark on that journey to be healthier, more fit, a better weight for your frame. So many people only focus on the food and various nutrients. I get so angry when I see the latest claims about various magical elements touting to be “the” secret to your weight loss success – whether it’s green coffee beans, strawberry ketones, vitamin B6 and kelp and more. Trust me a little dash of any of these are far from magic. It’s up to you to put your own artillery together to help you win and succeed from changing your mindset, to your pattern, to your awareness, to treating yourself better, to your movement movement and more.

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