Mediterranean Diet Approach

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I read that Penelope Cruz got her figure back after having her second baby some time ago by adopting the Mediterranean Diet and dancing, hmmmmm. This regimen has more to do with a certain pattern than a diet, which is easy to adopt and has a wide variety of terrific food.

It includes plenty of plant foods with some animal protein that inherently have a limited amount of saturated fat depending on what you choose. There is little processed food and it’s high on fresh, local fare. Meals allow a plethora of veggies and fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds with a dash of olive oil and whole grains, pasta and cereal with smaller amounts of protein such as fish, chicken, meat, cheeses washed down with a glass of wine – cin cin!

As I previously mentioned the pattern includes an easy, enjoyable pace for mealtime respecting the food and cook all the while. There’s no woofing down a meal or eating while watching the boob tube, for instance, not to mention eating on the run or buying food from a drive-thru.

It’s food glorious food on this regimen, most in it’s most natural form! You still need to be watchful of your quantities though. As I’ve said before, olive oil may be considered a “good fat” but the glug, glug, glug of the olive oil jug still adds over 120 calories/tablespoon to your food. Like any regimen all calories count so there’ll be no throwing caution to the wind on this or any plan.

If you’re thinking about adopting a better way of eating consider transitioning to a Mediterranean diet. Ciao bella!!

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