Hockey’s On Ice! How’s Your Activity Routine Shaping UP?

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Ok so this hockey season is now officially over; one of the shortest season ever, ending on the heels of July amidst steamy heat. The truth be told the only ice I want this time of year is in cube form floating in my drink or a slab I can lie on to make a pretend snow angel to cool down after taking a long walk….. ahhhhh.

Nadal’s knocked out of Wimbledon while Raonic remains; the Blue Jays are as hot as Toronto’s temperature….. mostly. Does a day every go by when there isn’t one sport or another on the tube to watch rather than join in and do?!

I’ll divulge when the closing hockey game started I bolted for the door and out for an evening stroll. With all of the back biting and fighting is it any different than the Desperate Housewives with a dash of testosterone throne in?! It’s so easy to get sucked into a routine that snuffs out your activity good intentions. Whether the excuse is wanting to watch show after show or game after game; or hibernating because it’s too cold and now it’s too hot; or rain is threatening the excuse list is lengthening. The hammer needs to come down on all of these reasons not to move altogether; pronto already.

Good intentions turn into action when you take the first step, literally. Don’t give it another thought. Here are some tips to win the argument over inertia and get moving:

  • Don’t hesitate, just GO – deafen that devilish voice trying to thwart your activity efforts
  • Take an umbrella or a raincoat to keep you dry if it’s raining, you won’t melt!
  • Drink your fluids before you set out and/or bring a portable water bottle when it’s sweltering (don’t forget your sunscreen)
  • Set your phone or clock alarm to when you made your goal time in your day to move – let that be your wake up call and refer back to point 1!
  • PVR your favourite television shows and watch ‘em when you return (commercial free… bonus!)
  • Chunk down 15 minute intervals and sneak them into to your day to move more – your new movement movement!! (as described in )

Ponder how much of your valuable time is eaten up with time wasters each day – gabbing on the phone, gossiping by the water cooler, scrolling through Facebook ad nausium, ditto for Twitter and more. Sitting it touted as the risk factor du jour for some time now and it’s summer folks. If you say you’re too busy to find a measly 30 minutes each day for activity or exercise count up all of that time you find yourself whittling away…. Let’s turn the beat around and get constructive with your time usage to move more.

It’ll be easier to keep it up by autumn.

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