Monitoring In Good Measure

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Successful weight losers have many stealthy and healthy tricks to help them maintain their weight. One of these is keeping a “handle on their handles” and monitoring their weight. I divulged a steamy personal secret in my e-book Skinny On Slim about how I broke off my relationship with my bathroom scale after a long sultry affair…. If you have said “Hasta La Vista Baby!” to your bathroom scale take heart, you can also monitor your dimensions by monitoring your waist circumference, hmmmm.

Truth be told my doctor whips out that measuring tape every visit of my annual physical. It’s an easy measure for you to take as well if you divorced your scale like me. A general rule of thumb for women is to measure in less than 35″(89cm) and for men less than 40″ (102cm).

If you currently look down and can’t get a clear glimpse of your feet it may be time to set a goal or two to whittle down that truck to get you into a safe measurement zone. Measures above these benchmark numbers may increase your risk factor for heart disease. Why gamble with your health and make some stealthy and healthy changes in your repertoire like the successful weight losers do? Remember awareness is bliss!

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