Take It Outside

June 12th, 2013 No Comments Tags: , , ,

A little while ago I was in one of those low energy slumps, feeling tired and listless. I just came off a stint of business travel with a few full days of meeting burning the candle at both ends.

Despite how I was feeling I dragged my butt outside to mail a letter. The mailbox on my street is situated just close enough to spur me to meander outside yet far enough away to allow a burst of endorphins to keep me going. A healthy and stealthy trick to get moving and get the lead out.

Having extra caffeine or an energy drink is never an option for me. It’s so tempting these days to fall back on those quick fixes that are so addictive. Getting into Mother Nature’s playground has so much more to offer with positive side effects with a shot of Vitamin D to boot.

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