Good Egg

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My title “good egg” is certainly is redundant. I have focused on the nutritional goodness of so many foods and have given the noble egg little air time, shame on me. On the nutritional front eggs are a powerhouse of nutritional richness. One of Mother Nature’s true gems high in that all satiating protein and rich with a vast array of vitamins and minerals it’s astounding.

This is one food that I recommend for most ages and stages (from 6 months of age and up). They’re perfect cooked in foods at mealtime or as the centre piece of the meal, any meal or snack. Talk about versatility, eggs certainly take the cake.

I love the economics of eggs for feeding your family – they’re easy on your schedule so quick to whip up AND easy on your pocketbook when you’re aiming to control your budget.

If you’ve been concerned about the cholesterol in eggs take a breather. Experts suggest healthy people can have an egg daily as part of a healthy diet. So use your imagination and prepare an omelette with sautéed veggies and cheese, a frittata with cooked peppers, a toasted Western or a simple poached egg on whole wheat toast. However you choose to make it include those good eggs in your diet regularly.

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