Thoughts on Food in Schools

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I was brought up during the era where you could get Jelly Tots from the vending machine and Mountain Dew from the soda pop machine in school. Over the past number of years many municipalities have clamoured over developing quite pure school food policies. I’m all for feeding kids right but they are the first to sense when something’s amiss in their environment. For instance, when you remove every stitch of food kids classify as “goodies” and have teachers single out kids bringing them to school, they imply these foods are “bad” foods. What happens next. Kids, like adults, when they’re cornered by such policy end up wanting the “black listed” food so much more. Once they have it, they are filled with guilt and feel they are bad by having it. A terrible negative cycle.

I had a conversation with a teacher friend of mine who told me they now “catch kids in the bathroom scarfing down goodies in the toilet stalls”. In my day it was smoking, now it’s Doritos!! Is this what we want? Are we moving to the point where we’re creating food sneaking and bingeing behaviour because of our pure policy? We need to make a plan for our kids with precision, so not to create a bigger problem for them with food and eating for generations to come. Whatever we teach kids should be balance and moderation. We need this for us as adults and they need it even more to form a healthy relationship with food.

Now when I was young my Mother set limits on all sorts of things and didn’t show us her guilt by telling us “no”. Many lessons were learned by those limits and kids these days could use these in moderation as well.

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