Father Figure

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Ahhh yes this day is approaching, the day we pay homage to our Dads – Father’s Day. Yes those foot soldiers, our providers, those silent partners – mostly due to the fact they can’t get a word in edge-wise deserve being put on a pedestal and spoiling. I have divulged that I have 3 sisters and my mom stacking the teams of 5 gals to 1 guy in our bella familia. He can barely get a word in edgewise and views his hearing loss as a blessing sometimes….

When I think of my Dad and how lucky I am because of him, my heart just melts. Little did I know that the big, burly guy with the deep voice and seemingly stern disposition was really a puff ball, pussy cat inside. Hmmm, something I learned when I grew up. I could have really taken advantage if I found out this gold nugget when I was younger, that’s for sure….

But when I read the research about the importance of parents’ roles and acting as role models to kids I realize his pivotal place in my own healthfulness. My Dad played an vital role in being there often, especially at mealtimes, breakfast and dinner. When I reflect on this important aspect of my life, this was definitely a constant when I grew up.

I also remember how my parents placed high importance of being active. My Dad practiced what he preached in spades. Even though he had a busy job with ebbs and flows he always kept active whether he jogged, played squash or tennis. One of my sis’ and I wanted to take up jogging. I remember his sage advise to support our quest. I also remember that he took us to the store to get proper shoes. Ha, what a funny memory. Back in 1970′s there were only 2 brands to choose from – Adidas or Reebok. Hmmmm decisions decisions. Nike, what was Nike?? Ahhhh I digress.

Yes Dads have a more important role than most Mom’s will make on, especially when the team of gals versus guys might be lopsided, like in my family. But don’t ever underestimate the influence you have on your families and your kids, not for one minute. Dads are the foundation of the family, our bedrock, our gut-check, our shoulder to be perched on during the parade or during a crisis. His hearing might be conveniently going, but his love, consistency, resolve and support never ever does. Always, solid as a rock.

Thanks Dad for everything. Half of my genes are from you. I can hear your voice when I get short on the phone when I’m at work. I dig for your resolve when I’m in a bind in life. I never give up and always land on my feet, no matter what. I make sure I make decisions in life with fairness and integrity with a kind and open heart. You have given so much to our bella familia and I hope in my life I can wave the family flag proudly as I carry the baton in my race of life. I love you Dad.

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