Sensory Sensation, Another Stealthy & Healthy Diet Trick

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I recently reached for a succulent nectarine as a snack and I got to thinking more deeply about taste, mMmmmMmmm. What a wonderful sensation this is when you take time to pay attention to it. Think about it and experience it – that taste explosion of my dinner salad for example that included a variety of kinds of crisp lettuces, slices of spanish onion to give it punch, pieces of a juicy plum, some dried blueberries, a handful of crunchy slivered almonds then dressed to the nines with balsamic vinegar, olive oil with a dash of salt and fresh ground pepper. A dish like this makes you love your veggies and yearn for more that’s for sure.

Then came the main course: I had a small serving of gnocchi pasta topped with my Mom’s “norma” sauce cooked el dente sprinkled with hot chilli peppers and parmesan cheese. Each bite was savoured while the music played adding to my sensory experience upping my joy-meter to the max. Take a look at this photo of one of my favourite dishes of Rod Butters, chef at RauDz Restaurant in Kelowna. This is his signature dish of oat encrusted arctic char simply to die for. The taste explosion you experience when enjoying this dish is unmatched and his consistent delivery of it is unwavering.

Creating a love affair with what you eat creates a deeper connection to the food you choose not to mention experiencing the sensation of fullness so you realize you’ve had enough and move on. Tasting and experiencing your food fully could be a healthy and stealthy weight manage trick to up your eating satisfaction while coming alive to how it makes you feel, especially when the needle on the tank is approaching the “full” indicator.

When you get into the habit of putting experiencing your sensory eating sensation as a priority your taste will surely become more discerning. I challenge you to put your favourite food to the test. I’m sure you’ll find some super processed foods leave a dastardly aftertaste in your mouth and have you feeling yucking after an hour. You’ll be leaving them off your list once you experience this.

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