Eating in 3-D With Natural Nutrient Richness

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I had a yummy lunch treat with a friend and colleague recently that got me thinking about natural nutrient rich foods, mmmmMmmmMmm. After a roller coaster of a weekend strung together with meals away from home I was ready to get my tummy stretch receptors back to normal. I enjoyed a cob salad on that fine spring day without the bacon. It was just what my body craved with a mound of fresh crunchy lettuce, perfectly ripened avocado, sweet cherry tomatoes, hard boiled egg, grilled chicken, blue cheese and dressed to the nines – just right. Talk about an energy boosting meal to help me sail through the afternoon with gusto rather than fading on the work front like the cartoon Dilbert after eating fried fast food fare that’s so far from natural it leaves you poorer, not richer.

As I was thinking more clearly after my lunch my thoughts turned to the many dimensions of food with its entire nutrient richness rather than merely the calories it provides. There’s often so much attention on calories some people forget we are masterful machines that fire on all cylinders not only with calories. We need a wide array of nutrients which are most easily found when eating food closest to its natural form.

There are so many food phobias and nutty practices followed some people pigeon holing food as only “good” or “bad” because of one nutrient when many of the most natural foods are the richest for us overall. Take my lunch today for example, it covered 3 of the 4 food groups with excellent sources of protein, such as egg and chicken, with cheese that covered the dairy group while the lettuce, tomato and avocado helped me reach my 5-10 a day of veggies and fruit goal. Talk about a satisfying combination leaving me without an inkling of a craving for anything more.

If you spend too much time with your abacus merely counting calories or focusing on 1 or 2 nutrients that get a bad rap I say make a paradigm shift to a bountiful diet eating in 3 dimensions when you focus your food’s overall natural nutrient richness. Your body will surely smile back at you by revving you up to the max to be the best you can possibly be.

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