Take Your Shoes for a Walk Brock!

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I was driving along a car clogged freeway recently and spotted a sign that read “May 27 is officially Ride Your Bike to Work Week”, ahhhh how my heart skipped a beat reading those words. Apparently June 1 is National Health & Fitness Day – double ahhhhh. How I love a reminder to get moving. I say we devise a theme every day to move the junk in our trunk. Do any of these “move you”?

Get off the bus Gus
Park far away Jay
Take heed, pull your weeds Steve
Dare to take the stairs Clare
Ab crunch a bunch Gunth
Move the junk in your trunk chump
Throw the ball on the wall Paul
Lift weights and feel great Kate
Bend, stretch and play catch Bets
Dig deep on the gardening scene Irene
Go with the flow Mo
Play in the snow Flo (hold that thought a few seasons, ok)
Ride your bike with your tyke Mike
Do some walkie and talkie Jackie
Buck up and push up Pup
Have a standing meeting Sady
Walk around the town Ms. Brown

Take stock of the equipment you have to support your personal movement movement. Do you have an i-Pod with tunes that put a jump in your step? How about running shoes that are barely used? Is there a tennis racket kicking around with as many cobwebs on it as strings? How about a ball to throw around, rollerblades, a bicycle, a skateboard, not to mention a membership card to a gym in your wallet? Let’s make a pact to use these enablers to get yourself moving. You can keep it simple like me and decide walking is your activity of choice with out needing any extra paraphernalia.

If I have said this once I’ve mentioned it many times, our bodies were build to move. We were meant to walk, shuffle, shimmy, dance, run, jump, play not just this week, but every day of every week. Our lives depend on it.

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