Ready for the Launch – Little Black Dress of Diet Books!

March 31st, 2013 No Comments Tags: , , , , , ,

Well folks as this fine Easter Sunday day rolls in, so to has my book Skinny on Slim (SOS) onto my publishing site and its “live day” is eminent. The subtitle is  “the little black dress of diet books” and here’s why I call it that:

SOS gets the reader to delve to the source of their weight issues. There’s often so much more involved in being overweight than simply eating too much. There’s what we eat, how we eat, plus food has a deeper meaning for many and is used to combat emotions such as anger, pressure even boredom – the why.

When you treat a weight issue simply by adjusting food and ignore the real why of your issue you may spend the rest of your life on that weight roller coast rebounding. If you do want this effort to be your absolute very last time you try to lose weight dig deeper by custom creating a plan to suit your eating and activity fingerprint. Let’s do it together.

Visit for when the link to my book goes live. It should be any day now.

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