Take a “Dieting Time Out” if Needed, says Skinny on Slim

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In my new book Skinny on Slim I encourage my reader to take a “dieting time out” if they need it. Many just want results and to reach their goal fast. I say stay attuned to how you’re feeling as so many adjustments are taking place to your masterful machine.

Losing weight involves physical and mental changes to take place as you journey from Fat City to Slim Town. Many people just want to gun for the finish line when they might not be ready. Also some people might hit a bump on the road with a lot of stress at once. Take the pressure off. It won’t hurt to maintain your lost weight for a while and readjust “the junk in your trunk” and get your head around your achievement to date.

If you try to gun for the finish line when you’re truly not ready your weight could rebound in no time. Don’t do it to yourself and take all the time you need this last time!

There are numerous healthy and stealthy suggestion in Skinny on Slim. It’s also available on i-Tunes, Kobo/Chapters, Barnes & Noble, Diesel and Sony.

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