Handling the Rough Spots & Party Hearty! says Skinny on Slim

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There are numerous circumstances in life that challenge our eating regimens and can throw us under the proverbial bus. Truth be told though, these culinary challenges are usually the most joyous of life’s occasions – family get togethers, exotic vacations, dinner treats and parties. Some people prefer to steer clear from these situations while losing weight assuming they’ll learn on the fly how to manage later.

I say why miss out and learn to “party hearty” and face these head on. You can develop a repertoire to deal with these rough spots if you work on it. When all is said and done, you can’t take back those precious moments in life ever again. Let’s get our priorities straight, shall we?!

  • Some people diet in hiding and cower away from the challenges of eating out. People need to face the world and eating challenges because life happens and you are a player. You learn how to manage the eating rough spots by taking part in them and training your robot more adaptive behaviour. Cheers!

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