Read Skinny on Slim and Discover Your Eating & Lifestyle Fingerprint

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Most diets are a rubber stamp that sound logical on paper that give you a menu of do’s and don’ts up the ying yang. They may help one or two out of a hundred people yet are rarely custom designed to suit you to a “t”.

When you go on a journalling journey you begin to unfold what makes you tick and discover clues to why you are the weight you are. Here’s more:

  • This is the ultimate awareness exercise as it presents a million little pictures of why your weight is where it is from how, when, where, why and what you eat. Seeing this more clearly can help you reboot your life.
  • Capturing those days that have totally fallen off the rails are key to realizing your personal issues and shows you your own eating and lifestyle fingerprint.
  • When you get started, set easy goals, up to 3 at a time – 3-By-3 (easy to hard, take the pressure off)
  • Then use the 3 R’s weekly – reviewing, reflecting and reframing as your journey proceeds

Experts say we make over 200 decisions about eating every single day. Many are so automatic. Using this method, in time you will retrain your internal robot to be reprogrammed so you’ll eat better and keep active.

Check out my new book Skinny on Slim if you want to lose some weight this spring once and for all. Why not custom design a plan to your personal eating and lifestyle fingerprint? It’s now available on Kobo, Barnes & Noble and i-tunes.

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