Muscle Preservation Project Moves, says Skinny on Slim

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So it’s time to come out of hibernation after a long cold winter and welcome spring. For some that emergence brings the realization of a spare tire or bulges that emerged under those double cable knit sweaters and parka. Don’t fret, we can overcome!

Let’s start your own movement movement to help get the lead out:

  • It’s helpful to build a love story with activity your life. Our bodies were built to move! You do this by working in stealthy and healthy ways of moving more today and every day such as finding 15-minute intervals of walking – a new interval training! Start with one or two intervals and work up to three or four.
  • So many people say they don’t have the time to work this in. Well think about how much time you waste in the day with idle chitchat, yacking on the phone or watching television – time better spent moving!
  • Also work in a callisthenic routine where you bend, stretch, build flexibility and strength – your 16 Minute Investment into your hourglass every 2nd day.

Muscle is certainly your friend. It is a highly metabolic tissue and it makes you look more toned. Ultra low calorie diets that make you lose weight quickly burns protein before fat – don’t do it to yourself! Do all you can to build some and preserve it. It’s never too late to start! Welcome the spring outdoors with your movement movement today. Read all about how to build your love story with activity in my new e-book Skinny on Slim. Keep in mind it’s also available on-line at Chapters/Kobo, Apple’s i-Tunes, Barnes & Noble, Sony and Diesel. Get yours today and why not tell a friend!

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