Few Focused Foodie Fundamentals in Skinny on Slim

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So many diet books have a long menu of food “don’ts” that they turn your life on it’s head until you say uncle. These restrictions and rules make you hungry, listless, cranky and crave food you can’t have. They’re often difficult to adhere to in the short and long term. They certainly build a negative relationship with food, far from establishing that love story with food we should strive for.

  • In my new book Skinny on Slim I outline some food fundamentals for you to consider that could be pivotal. This is discussed after many other very important aspects of your lifestyle are addressed. Food isn’t the central focus ushering you to successful weight loss. It is one important aspect of many.
  • Allow all food to fit, in time you won’t go bonkers with bon bons because you’re allowed everything.
  • Take 6-9 Minutes to change from a Food Court Jester into a Brown Bagger, you will have time left over to fit in a few 15-minute intervals to move and decompress on your break.

There are numerous healthy and stealthy suggestion in Skinny on Slim. It’s also available on i-Tunes, Kobo/Chapters, Barnes & Noble, Diesel and Sony.

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