Best Food Forward – Get Fresh!

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Yet another birthday is looming so the topic of “fresh” is on my mind, hmmmmm.

Packaged foods and ready-to-eat meal items, such as the rotisserie chicken at grocery stores, are often high in sodium. Too much sodium is harmful to your health. You can cut back on your sodium intake by making your own meals. Try these fresh ideas and get cooking from scratch:

  • Make your own soups, sauces and salad dressings. A little basil combined with crushed tomatoes makes a simple pasta sauce.
  • Enjoy more vegetables and fruit. They’re naturally sodium free. Whenever possible, use fresh or frozen instead of canned, which often has added sodium.
  • Cook pasta and whole grains, such as rice, barley and quinoa without adding salt. Try sodium-free chicken broth for delicious flavour.
  • Rinse canned beans, peas and lentils to wash away some of the added sodium. Look for sodium-free brands too.
  • Buy plain, unseasoned cuts of fresh meat, poultry or fish. Season lightly at home with herbs and spices.
  • Use fresh garlic, flavoured vinegars, herbs or a squeeze of fresh lemon juice to add flavour to food without salt.

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  1. Terrific. Thanks for posting this. I will come here to see what’s new and tell my coworkers about your site.

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