Time to Table the Menu Label

February 27th, 2013 No Comments

I love reading study results that pump up my enthusiasm! I recently read about a study conducted looking at Menu Labelling. Menu labelling as you’d might surmise is providing some details about the food listed on a menu in a restaurant.

The study tested two groups, one that did not receive any information about the food they were ordering and another group who did. The first group ordered a meal that averaged 817 calories and ate 765 calories worth while the enlightened group ate 696 calories worth.

You might not think this is any big deal, but for people who frequent these places for regular fare it can really add up in one year. It’s all about awareness and that’s exactly what the consumers need, more now than ever.

Sadly, restaurants are not yet required to provided this much needed information to it’s clientele. It’s becoming so apparent that more and more people eat out much more regularly so this aspect of people’s diet is no longer a treat and has become a routine. Consumers vastly under report this “eating out” activity when surveyed though. Who then is keeping these outlets open may I ask?? Are those empty cars in the long drive thru’s that I pass when I head home to cook a meal??

Consumers have been given detailed information on the packaged food they choose for eons now. Why then is this other segment of the food industry not held to the same degree of accountability?? Consumers deserve to know because when they do better when they know. There’s no time like the present!

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