What’s the Buzzz on Food Bizzzz?

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I recently read that article in the New York Times blowing the whistle on food companies and obesity. After percolating about the details my thoughts turned to the purpose of these companies. Well hello, it’s to sell we the people food. I’m not sure that it comes to any great surprise that food technologies are aiming to perfect that bliss point we yearn for. There’s really no mystery, is there?

Sadly though some people have become addicted to various elements of food whether it’s caffeine, excess sugar, fat or salt with the continual seeking of that bliss point.

Well folks it’s our responsibility to find out what’s in the food we buy and eat. There just so happens to be food product labels for that which are highly regulated so we the consumer can review and compare what we’re bringing home to put in our pie hole.

If you’re hooked on food more than you’re hooked on phonix now’s a good time to start using these invaluable tables to find out more. You can also find out what’s in the food you choose from those fast food joints you frequent on the Internet. They are not regulated yet to the same degree as the packaged food industry but there is information available so check it out.

Next there’ll be a pill likened to Viagra to find that pleasure point of the palate. Oh Lord, let’s hope not. In the meantime take charge and rid yourself of these addictions if they exist for you because it’s your job, if you value optimal health, to bring home Mother Nature’s bounty and get hooked on that.

Check out the sticker on the apples, some stock boy’s got that right!

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