Weight Gainer No Brainer

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I did some reading about the two most likely culprits causing weight gain with no surprise – potato chips and soda pop. Hmmm tell me something that I don’t already surmise. This devilish duo cavort together like Bonnie & Clyde of food. MmmmMmm that dynamic salty, fatty, crunch hits those taste buds like a grand slam by Babe Ruth, while that icy cold effervescent pop washes it all down like a Niagara Falls spray on a hot summer’s day.

Let’s put this in perspective folks and keep our wits about us about these likely bandits. As I always say all foods fit, but if you’re worried about weight gain and consume these two regularly consider cutting back. I wrote a post about sugar and fat on January 23 putting in perspective that consuming too much of either can cause weight gain. This puts that post into a real world, real pseudo-food situation, which is where the rubber meets the road in life, right?

Who doesn’t have favourite foods chocked full of sugar, fat or both? I admitted to my pie loving relationship January 20 and I’ll also fess up that many moons ago in my young chunky days I loved potato chips and pop to the max. Ok, so I’m human.

Right out of the gate I’d suggest keep these in your diet, but less often, say once a week with an individual sized serving size, not the family pack. Next keep those club size behemoth packages from ever entering your pantry. When you bring the likes of these home, it WILL get eaten. Even though you saved money on the mega-pack there’ll be no calorie savings on that front. Your calories will be adding up like when a pin-ball is stuck in the pin-ball machine and the lights keep going off – ding ding ding ding… Ya a rubber dingy will be around your midriff in no time.

Next when it comes to pop, if you must, make it sugar free. Look at all of the calories you’ll be saving without compromising taste. That’s the easiest change you ever did make that’ll surely help your abacus when you’re adding this calorie scenario up for a loss. Have it as a treat too then if it’s a fizzy pleasure you’re seeking, enjoy mineral water with lemon and lime.

Finally don’t call any food bad, even this pair, cause when we do that, people who consumer these feel guilt, then we’re into those head games that are doubly hard to work out. Eating too much of anything is bad for you. We all do it from time to time. We just need to spread out those times and amounts to create a better balance.

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