Self Image – Mirror Mirror on the Wall….

July 29th, 2013 2 Comments

I recently read that 62% of older women believe their weight or shape is a major bummer. Hmmmm well ladies that’s where the dimmer switch in your bathroom comes in handy and for me, my vision is fading….

Make a realistic goal and break it down – make it easy on yourself. If it took you a lot of years to gain weight, it will certainly take time to lose it for good. Don’t make this a speed race to the finish. Be discerning and wise about your approach by making a goal and breaking it down into small manageable steps.

Build in rewards for positive changes you make. Positive efforts deserve non-food rewards. Build yourself a repertoire of non-food rewards that don’t need to cost you anything. It’s a great way to get motivated, to keep up the good work and keep on truckin’.

Work with what you’ve got – accentuate the positive. Truck loads of books have been written on the subject of how to look better at the weight you currently are. God created spandex for a reason, so use it! My new skinny jeans have a stretch that hold me in without starting off a hot flash sequence. How about an empire waist? Invest in a new bra. Get in the habit of wearing clothes that make you look and feel good. Chances are you’ll put your best face forward when you face the world and will feel great too.

Love yourself more – acceptance is key. Accept yourself and your foibles. Find small ways to mask some of this, but there’s a point when you just need to get on with living. In the grand scheme of things most people don’t even notice what you’re hung up about anyhow. Take the pressure off. Trust me, there are others much worse off than you. Find perspective.

Who wants to spend a lifetime grinding it out on a diet trying to get skinny when you perhaps weren’t meant to be. Research shows that even a slight change in weight, say ~5% could vastly improve key biomedical indices. Positive reinforcement from this loss might be the momentum you need to keep at it. Take the pressure off and work on one area of focus instead of 101 to make you healthier. A better self image is certainly part of the equation. Tune your attitude in!

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2 Responses to “Self Image – Mirror Mirror on the Wall….”

  1. Shannon says:

    Love this post! Change can be hard, it’s important to keep a positive attitude and not be too hard on yourself regarding your appearance/weight. The most important thing is to work to abandon old habits and take up new more positive ones. Most likely by doing so, you will start to feel better about yourself all around regardless of the number on the scale.
    No one is defined by a number, health is so much more :)

    Hope you’re doing well!

  2. admin says:

    So well said Shannon, thanks for taking the time to comment! YES all is well and I hope the same goes with you.

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