Get RAW or Maybe NOT

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I recently had the pleasure of dining at a restaurant featuring raw, vegan food. Oh joy! I haven’t quite experienced this food craze ’til now. I don’t think I’ll try it again any time soon, either. I may preach incessantly about getting your 5-10 a day of veggies and fruit and I will continue. But this has taken “healthy” out of the granola crunch ball park to a whole new stratosphere. One plane I will not evolve to.

This novel dining establishment was on the California coast. I thought “…how great it would be to give this a try as a New Year rolls in like the waves on the beach”. I have a full understanding that a “raw diet” doesn’t cook or barely heat anything. I didn’t quite realize how much I long for hot food though. Oh my! When my luke warm frothy tomato soup arrived I wanted to ask our bubbly waitress to nuke it. That would mean they’d need to have a microwave….. duh.

A few menu recommendations were given. I figured it’d be safe to follow the suggestions, one being “amazing lasagna”. How can you turn your nose up on that? She explained that because they were vegan they don’t have real cheese, but make something like it from nuts. Hmmmm. Trust me, it wasn’t anything like it. Not even close. Thank goodness for organic chardonnay. It washes anything down well, while lifting my spirits.

As my spirits were rising a local patron sauntered in rather raw looking himself and not necessarily in a good way. A prophet-like fellow, the real Gandolf the Grey with hair down to his waist, a beard almost as long and of course sandals. Ok this guy took “Movember” to a whole new level, starting say 15 years ago. Where’s Edward Scissor-hands when you need him or Mario the barber? He sat there making flowers out of paper. How novel! Then dinner just got giggly….

My so called “amazing” lasagna arrived along with another glass of organic wine, this time Pinot Noir. Now, I KNOW amazing because my Mom is Italian and makes ALL food amazing including lasagna. This was a luke warm pile of uncooked veggies with that cheese substitute sauce made from nuts that looked like Thousand Island dressing. Oh maybe I need a third glass of wine to help adjust my attitude. Where’s the parmagiana? Where are the noodles? Come on lady, throw me a bone….please and make it a real one.

From my seat in the restaurant I can see “TK Burger” across the street for which they have a drive thru lane. A perfect trap door from this too healthy California dreaming experience. Order mine with the works!

Ya I love healthy food, but I truly love healthy food that tastes amazing. Truly amazing. Why compromise? I can think of a number of things in life I want raw and food does not make my list. Give me a fresh salad. Give me a crunchy fruit but that’s as raw in the food department as I’m ready to get. Ok so call me a Neanderthal, I don’t care. I’ll be ordering a steak the same time tomorrow you can bet on that. Since God created fire, please prepare mine with heat, with steam and everything. Even better sprinkle a bit of cheese on it too. REAL cheese.

This little experiment was worth trying for a day. One day only. Been there. Done that. Woke up hungry ready for a hot breakfast. A good practice though, for when my power goes out….

Happy New Year! Consider making one change for the better, not 101. One positive step in the right direction is a perfect way to start the New Year off right.

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