Study Results NOT Sitting Pretty

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When I reflect on what research had the greatest impact on me in 2012, it was the myriad studies on sitting… and the results do NOT sit pretty on my conscience, that’s for sure. I think the movie Wal-ii could be our present day mirror into the future of what the human race is turning into – perpetual sitters and drink sippers with exploding girths with no skinny jeans in sight. Good grief.

Not only have the researchers pointed out how little we move they even rank prolonged sitting as a risk factor. Who would have thunk?? I often sit and write in my proverbial ivony tower bestowing blog-worthy health wisdom to you my T & T followers. But I had to do a personal 180 on this sitting thing and give myself a bonk in the head to turn my own beat around.

Like many I am blessed and cursed with a desk job. My blood pressure is too low at 90 over 60 to switch to one of those “standing office” desk set ups or I’d be falling down on the job literally, going boom before 9:30am.

I received a pedometer earlier in the year to get a handle on my “step count”. Then I have consciously changed my walking to a few times each day adding onto that 60 minute baseline with an extra 20-40 minutes most days. Talk about a great way to get the lead out, think through work plans and blow off steam. Add to that my mat routine every second day. I started off last year avoiding this and got a flab tire around my waist by March. Been there done that and now I invest 16 minutes into my hourglass to get and stay toned. And no I don’t go to a gym.

Yes there’s a lot to balance in life. In the health department we need to balance what we eat to burn more to stay in shape. Being more active doesn’t only affect your body but your mind and spirit as well. How great is that? Very! So if you decide to make one change this New Year find ways to move more. Stand up and beat the odds of this new risk factor!

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