Lights Out on the Twinkie

December 16th, 2012 No Comments Tags:

It is a time of joy and hope isn’t it? I recently read that the lights are going out on the notorious Twinkie. You know this Franken-food that has a longer shelf life than food on Jean Luc Picard’s Voyager. Over the decades these have lurked in school cafeterias, in vending machines, in variety stores, in gas station convenience stores often laden with a quarter inch of dust yet seemed fresh even though they came off the line in 1969. Ya, that Twinkie.

I remember those young foolish days in high school where many students would routinely nosh on these nutritional-nothings that provide loads of energy, fat, sugar and in the olden days trans fat galore. If we could only make a law that people up their sensory experience when it comes to eating where you sit and gnaw on these slowly, experience the taste and most of all that lingering aftertaste for a few hours. Not to mention think about how you actually felt later. If people actually did this, they would surely change their choices.

That’s what eating ought to be – a positive experience from start to finish that tantalizes with the first taste and rejuvenates your body like good-for-you food is intended. Now that’s nutrition nirvana in my books. Something to strive for, that’s for sure.

As the lights go out on this Twinkie era, what will replace it? May the nutrition Goddesses win this time with something truly pure.


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