Follow the Herd? Baaaa-d Idea!

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I get my eyeballs frosted when I hear about the latest products touting “too good to be true” empty promises to supposedly help people lose weight. This time it’s an extract from green coffee beans and people are clamouring to get some. Only thing is it’s a baaaa-d idea. Why follow the herd?

Losing weight can be complicated enough even when you’re being more active, eating less and trying to be more mindful. If it was a cinch there wouldn’t be a global epidemic. These foundational efforts cannot be replaced by any elixir, ever. What timing though – as that notorious New Year’s resolution season is drawing near. Why not buy a case of this stuff and just pop these puppies when the ball drops at the strike of midnight as 2013 rolls in. What gives?

What drives me even more mad is to think that someone is on the right track, losing weight slowly then gets head winked by these empty promises and ends up on the slippery slope to No Where Land in the weight loss department. Good grief.

The moral of this story is if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. So don’t give it another thought. And for goodness sake, know a baaaa-d idea when you see one and don’t follow the herd!

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