If Clueing in to the Cues is the Answer….

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If clueing in to the cues is the answer then what’s the question? The question I have begun to ask last week – those secrets of weight loss success. Honing in on hunger and satiety – those cues that affect our eating are so key.

I read about a study that looked at weight and study participants’ focus on internal cues versus external cues. Not surprisingly they found normal weight individuals are influenced by internal cues “ding, I’m full” and overweight subjects external cues “dong, my family-sized platter is empty”.

For those overweight individuals wanting to gravitate to “the normal weight camp” attention to internal cues is of paramount importance. You are not destined to stay overweight. With time and focus you can begin to realize that you might be eating past the “full” cue out of habit because you were taught to finish all of the food on your plate “because of starving children somewhere in the world”. Look, support those charities because helping kids is surely a noble cause. But finishing all of the food on your plate isn’t helping anyone, especially you.

Take a week to begin this awareness exercise and I’m confident that in time you’ll realize that it’s actually uncomfortable overeating day in and day out. In time you’ll actually put your fork down when you’re full. Over time you could lose weight just by cuing in to your cues. Really!

Give it a try and let me know how it goes….

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