Supplemental Divide

November 28th, 2012 No Comments

A study results came out saying that the benefits of supplementing your diet with vitamins isn’t clear. We’ve heard the opposite too. We live in a society were we just want a pill to help fix things.

Some people think they can supplement and not pay attention to their diet, well nay nay I say! Eating a healthy diet tastes great and helps you feel great, that’s just fundamental. Limiting all of our risk factors helps us be as healthy as we can be too. It’s a no brainer. Various study results show a “red card” a “yellow card” or a “green card” on whether to supplement or not saying “nay” or “yay” to supplementation. I say why not play your cards right and stick to the basics.

Sure if you’re going through a super busy season supplementing while you’re eating on the run seems prudent. Let’s not rely on these as a crutch and take the default position to keep going down the slippery slope to nutrition nowhere-land.

Somehow we’ve always known – eat right, get and stay active, don’t smoke. These are the basics of health prevention that no supplement can ever hope to help. A real pill to swallow.

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