I Scream About Screen Time

November 20th, 2012 No Comments Tags: , , , ,

Yet another study is out about kids, screen time, eating at the TV and weight, results being inconclusive. I don’t know about you, but I don’t need to see hard and fast results to tell me something I already know intuitively:
1) zoning out hours on end watching the boob tube isn’t good for anybody except marketers
2) eating in front of the television while being zoned out results in overeating
3) getting active and paying close attention to your eating and cues is of paramount importance.

I remember decades ago when our household received the special delivery or our first colour television the excitement this caused. All we got were less than 10 measly stations, but we didn’t care. It didn’t take long to slide down that slippery slope of couch potatodom back then.

My Mom clued in to me and my siblings tuning out. Her mantra turned to “turn off that idiot box and get outside and play!” She didn’t need study after study to set limits with us, she was a trailblazer back then….especially if you didn’t comply, out the wooden spoon would appear…. Ya that’s her in the photo. Stay in her good books and don’t make her mad, that’s for darn sure :-)

Look folks, you know what’s right too. Set some limits and rules with the idiot box and free up your mind, body and spirit to get active. Your life could depend on it!

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