Addiction Friction

November 6th, 2012 No Comments

There’s been a lot of food for thought on the topic of food addictions, don’t you think? Some experts commonly blame “the white stuff” – like white flour, sugar and salt touting that foods laden with these could be triggers for some. For some people their emotions drive their food response from Chunky Monkey ice cream, to nachos to French fries for comfort. While others have established obsessive compulsive behaviour with food, their weight and activity.

I don’t believe you can brush everybody with the same stroke because people’s relationship with food is as unique as their fingerprint. I do believe everyone can identify their personal eating repertoire through keeping a food journal. Your daily divulging the devilish details will be the beginning of sorting out your own eating mysteries.

Is Food the Thing?
There is certainly nothing wrong with ridding your routine of the white stuff moving your cheese in the direction of eating less processed food and drinks. Reading food labels, becoming aware of the restaurant food you choose plus what better is available is surely your ticket to your personal food-topia.

Identify the Emotional Ties
For some people the food’s the trigger and for others it’s the emotions. Which came first is the million dollar question? What’s more important is identifying your emotional connections and through journalling. Do weekly trouble shooting of how better to handle a similar circumstance the next time. Week by week, month by month of doing this detective work will help you build non food related responses into your repertoire. Life runs the gamut of emotions from happiness and joy to, sadness and disappointment, even boredom so the sooner you untie these knots that bind you the better.

Another frenzy of emotion that can affect eating is obsessive compulsiveness about food, eating, weight and exercise. These preoccupations can rule your life and suck your energy from your core. A perfect place to start is to break up with your scale. Yes you heard me right – hide it, pitch it, donate it or recycle it, if you tie yourself in knots about your weight, knock it off already. Successful weight losers monitor their weight by either weekly weighing (which I just told you to stop if you’re too hooked with your number) or by putting on some “benchmark” clothing, like those trusty blue jeans.

Next, through your journalling make a pact that all foods fit. Yes you heard me. So much of the dieting dilemma is that people don’t allow their favourite food then have established a long standing guilt ridden relationship with food. That dynamic’s gotta end. Don’t wait for the New Year. It’s all about building trust and taking the pressure off, pronto already.

Untying Emotional Connections
In time by dealing with these interlocking behaviour and disconnecting them will get you to your eating “happy place” by eating when you’re hungry and stopping when you’re full most of the time. It sounds like nutrition nirvana, but is surely worth the time investment. It will result in your enjoying your food more plus spending your energy on constructive stuff that’ll fill you up and bring you joy.

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