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How’s your fall wardrobe fitting? Has the cleaners “shrunk” your trusty work trousers? Perhaps that muffin top of yours doth “flow over” your belt because your balancing act went off kilter with the multitude of summer fun. If this is ringing alarm bells for you take stock!

Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve fallen off the wagon. Do plan to get a handle on those handles though before all the leaves fall. A perfect place to start is taking a week to weigh and measure your food. Yes a measured approach that’ll add up to your awareness of how much you’re eating.

Start with Canada’s Food Guide and review the various groups, the suggested number of servings and the serving sizes. Take a few days and write down what you’ve been eating and drinking while weighing and measuring what’s going down the hatch. You might find that you’re missing out on some of the food groups perhaps. A significant number of Canadian’s fall short on their milk consumption plus fruits and veggies.

You may also find some of the food you’re choosing doesn’t have a food group to fit into because it’s so processed it’s far from food, like soft drinks for instance. Also if you find yourself eating outside of the home a lot those serving sizes are big enough for hibernating bears and provide way more food than you need.

Any time of year is a perfect time to take stock in what you’re noshing on. Get on the right track and scale back if you must before those skinny jeans that’re supposed to rock go bust!

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