Overworked & Underplayed

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Sometimes the speed of that rat race climbs putting the kibosh on your karma. Stress can mount, life gets serious and you might feel like a gasket or two’s gonna blow. Well it’s times like these that you’ve gotta take that bull by the horns and shift the balance to chill.

Pause that Refreshes – find a moment here or there to be alone and decompress, mini time outs can help you zone in

Turn Up the Tunes – lift your spirits by turning up your favourite tunes, getting all jiggy with it can make a world of difference

Get High in Five – get high over 5 minutes of exercise – walk a block, do jumping jacks, ride your bike, run to the mailbox, those endorphins will make you feel good all over

Get Your Zzzzz’s - try to lay your noodle down and get a good night’s sleep, you’ll be better equipped to take on the world

Fun Factor – work in burst of fun to bring you joy and lift your spirits, don’t take it all so seriously!

When you realize you need better balance in your life, work in a few ways to kickstart your karma and get your groove back! Hey, the long weekend’s looming so make some plans.

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