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There have been a lot of studies done on the benefits of journaling your weight loss journey. Writing down everything that passes your lips, every crumb, sip and nibble makes you aware of what’s going down the hatch. One study followed 1,700 people on a weight loss program and found participants who journaled lost twice as much weight within 6 months as those who didn’t. Who needs boot camp when you can be your own boot camp leader could lead to a smaller booty?

These days eating happens in so many places on the fly from running to work, to working at the computer, to nibbling at your secretary’s desk, during food preparation, watching television and more. So much eating happens when people are concentrating on other things, other than eating and its ultimate enjoyment. Consider the following:

  • Train your eye and measure initially as you jot down
  • Let it all hang out and write it all to get a clear picture
  • Do it daily and even as your day proceeds – the devil’s in the details
  • Review, observe, find clues then make goals

It’s helpful to take stock of what you eat and drink when you’re trying to lose weight. Once you get in the groove of journalling it’ll become second nature. These days you can track your intake electronically or the old fashioned way with pen & paper. Each page will hold the personal clues to what you need to change. Start now, why wait for the New Year….

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