Tea Tootling – I’ll Drink to That!

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Gotta love the song “…tea for two and two for tea…” da da de, de de, du du – and you’ve gotta love the benefits that come with tea. Tea has been gaining in popularity over the years, yet has been around for centuries. Not only is it an enjoyable soothing beverage, but there are health benefits galore.

Various varieties of teas have various beneficial compounds. Take black tea, for instance, there are a variety of antioxidants that protect the brain. Oolong tea is rich in different antioxidant that helps your blood pressure. These are super star qualities for such a simple, soothing drink.

Enjoyed hot or cold, tea can pack a punch of benefits, that’s for sure. Consider replacing a cup of coffee each day with tea. You may also brew a large pot of tea, cool it down in the refrigerator, add sprigs of mint and slices of lemon. Enjoy it in place of that soda pop habit you’re trying to kick.

Including more tea into your repertoire is certainly a no brainer AND can provide benefits to help your brain and more. I’ll drink to that!

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