Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine

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I’ve been thinking more deeply about our food after my family reunion in Canada’s breadbasket held in PA Saskatchewan. One morning I found myself admiring cousin Shelley’s garden, one her mother Anne would surely be proud of. She has row upon row of Mother Nature’s bounty from carrots, to beets, to herbs, tomatoes, greens, corn, potatoes and more.

I felt sheepish as thoughts of my meagre garden crossed my mind – a selection of herbs that is chronically nibbled on by my resident bunny rabbit. Hungry little beggar.

I have to admit I’m so used to seeing this all picked, washed and packaged up in my produce section of the grocery store with signs letting me know one head of lettuce from another. These days youngsters don’t even realize lettuce is grown in a head that needs to be washed. Does it emerge from the ground in a plastic sealed container with a variety of lettuces included?

I also pondered about the wonders of food that comes straight from the ground – yes our food is our medicine! It nourishes us with a wide array of vitamins and minerals, protects us with immunological benefits and energizes us to be the best we can be. Food surely is glorious, isn’t it? And the benefits we garner from it seem endless.

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